About US

About Us

Medical tourism can be defined as the process of traveling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care.

Turkey has taken a Pioneer role of medical tourism around the world with its 5 star JCI accredited hospitals, and other social and cultural opportunities. Turkey can easily advertise itself as the point of the better quality and price. It’s known that The Ministries of Health in Iraq, KRG and Libya mostly send the patients to Turkey.

Mediderman is aware that undergoing a treatment is alarming for a lot of people so Mediderman cares all stage of medical travel to feel safe and peaceful of patients when foreign patients decide to come for treatment to Turkey. Mediderman sets treatment of patients in one of outstanding hospitals and follow up treatment continously .Additionally Mediderman makes necessary arrangement for the relatives of the patients and gives infomation related to touristic travel places . When patients return to home , it practices follow up and support after treatment.

Values of Mediderman

We are responsible for future of our country.Our work is very important and cannot be ignored.
We believe in importance of healthy working environment.
We know our workers , value their opinion and encourage to produce new idea.
We work with full force and when we success difficult works, we are excited and burst with pride.
We are thoughtful to diversity and respect them.
We trust knowledge and ability eachother as team members and we always work all together.
We care eachother and believe to achieve all together.

Mission of Mediderman

To become world leading brand by undertaking connection between the patient and the most suitable and the best quality health service providers/hospitals which will be helpful for increasing the life Standard of the people.

Vision of Mediderman

To become a world leader of Medical Tourism sector in 2023 by creating differences in the sector with the help of technology and hard-working staff which has world wide standard. To get 10% of share from 2 million patients which is the target number of 2023. While trying to reach this aim to make no concession on humanitarian rights.